Amazing ways to add corner lighting to any room making your room look and feel better.

"Bright, powerful, yet energy efficient with many colors to choose from."

"Fitting your needs in adding accent lighting to any style room or area."

Our Objective

Kinobi Lighting® delivers the highest-quality, green-friendly "unique LED room lighting systems" to architects, engineers, developers, distributors, builders, product manufacturers, interior decorators, interior designers, and individual home owners. We build long lasting associations with our clients and develop our relationships with honesty and integrity. Part of what makes Kinobi Lighting unique is our diverse background in the production process, engineering, and in design. Our passion is to provide the world with products to help our environment and help our customer's financial bottom line. We are confident, ensuring customer satisfaction, dedicated to producing our client's a high-end quality product backed by our Five-Year Warranty.
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  • Light Emitted Diode (LED):
    By using high quality powerful Nichia LEDs we offer one of the highest efficacy light sources, superior performance, extended life with over 70,000+ hours, and ever increasing reliability. At 1 watt per 18 inches (twelve leds) while producing bright intensity the KL-1000 Series is engineered to simultaneously reduce heat, which contributes to a dependable, consistent, low energy cost, long life, bright light running unit. Thermal design, illumination, and heat generation of our lighting products are of paramount importance. All Nichia LEDs comply with the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. Photo image: ©2009
  • Optic Lens:
    Kinobi Lighting offers quality, impact resistant MicroLinear® acrylic optic lenses, features micro-prisms to achieve high angle brightness control, excellent lamp obscuration and 90% transmission. Your choice of a straight or a 45° angle optic lens for your application. Photo image: ©2009
  • Fixture Finish:
    Assembled in fixture enclosures using fine quality materials in a variety of colors such as; polished anodized aluminum, brushed antique bronze anodized aluminum, and high impact gloss bright white PVC to fit your need in any style room. Contact Kinobi Lighting for more color options for your room lighting needs - click here.
  • Connect and Stack Units:
    Kinobi Lighting uses surface mount Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle board to board connectors made by Tyco Electronics. The connector provides power to the first LED printed circuit board in a string of rigid printed circuit board light units. These quality surface mount connectors are RoHS compliant, ELV Compliant, EU RoHS compliant, UL, cUL recognized, an ideal and reliable component we use for the Kinobi Lighting product line. Example photo in orange LEDs shown below.
  • Installation?:
    Simple to install - "Easy Installation Guide" instructions, Power Supply and Hardware included - Professional Installation Available
    Download "Easy Installation Guide" - click
  • Engineering Services:
    Electrical, Thermal, Mechanical, Optical, Software
  • Other Services:
    Board Layout, Circuit Design, Component Selection, Quick-Turn Prototyping, SMT Pick and Place (Fine Pitch), High Speed Pick and Place, Lead-Free Re-flow Soldering, UL and Energy Star Compliance, Project Management, Technical Consulting, Working on ISO Certification
  • Manufacturing:
    Helping the US economy by keeping the workforce in the United States, all units are proudly made in the U.S.A.
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LED Product Colors:
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  • orange
  • purple
  • turquoise
  • lavender
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